Channel list embed: showcase your playlist.

By Frits Polman | 4 years ago

Are you a reseller who wants to show new users which channels are to offer? Or simply an IPTV enthusiast proud of the awesome m3u playlist you created using our editor?

Last week’s update allows users to easily embed their created and edited IPTV playlist. The result is a nice way to showcase your channels, without having to give access to your M3U Editor account and without giving away your private channel URLS.

The embed code can be easily added to any website. As an alternative, you can also simply share the URL with your friends.

The result is a nice clickable window which shows your channels with their logo and available EPG data, grouped by channel group. Updates you make in our editor are updated in the embedded result in real-time.

This feature is available for all users. Instructions are available by clicking the embed button in your playlist list.

Happy embedding! And as always, happy editing!