Dashboard update: August 2019

By Frits Polman | 4 years ago

In the last month, I found out that there is a huge demand for the online editing of M3U playlists. Since this is the first blog post, let me start by explaining why I built this platform and how it grew from a personal project to a platform hosting almost half a million channels.

My French girlfriend and I both live in the Netherlands and have subscribed to an international IPTV service provider to be able to watch French TV on our Kodi media player running on a Raspberry Pi. When we first imported the standard M3U playlist offered to us by our provider, we found that there were way more channels than we would ever need, causing our Raspberry Pi to be loading for a couple of minutes on every boot.

I therefore decided to write ourselves a tool which lets us easily edit our IPTV M3U playlist and keeping it online for us to import into Kodi. Once I finished building it I gave it a simple name: M3U Editor.

Months passed, when I decided to make a small change into my playlist. This is when I found out that my tool was used by people all over the world! Turns out that what started as a project for myself was something more people were looking for!

Now, the user base of this platform is rapidly growing on a daily basis and our platform is hosting and serving playlists for a total of almost half a million channels.

To worship that, I thought to spend my time this month on make the dashboard look a little more user-friendly, and to add some handy features such as a "copy to clipboard" button next to your M3U playlist URL.

This month's updates

- A complete redesign of the dashboard, making it even easier to manage and edit your M3U playlists.
- It is now possible to move multiple channels to a different channel group. This feature is great for users who want to merge different M3U playlists into one.
- Instead of only showing the download URL when editing one of your channels, it is now prominently shown on your playlist index page.
- Copy the download URL of your playlist with ease by clicking the green button.