Edit and upload IPTV channel logo's

By Frits Polman | 4 years ago

Don't you think that IPTV playlists look better with logo's? So do I. Since not all M3U playlists come with (working) channel logo's by default, our editor allows you to edit channels and update the logo URL to one you find online.

However, Frank, one of our users, pointed out that finding logo's and pasting their URLs in channel-edit pop-up takes way more time than uploading a logo image you may have on your system already.

That is why since this week, it is possible to simply drag and drop your logo image onto an existing logo (or an empty placeholder) in your playlist. No need to open the edit pop-up window and no need to look for logo URLs. What is even better, the images are stored on our servers so will exist as long as your playlist does.

Another feature-update in a week full of updates. Thank you for your feedback and most of all, thank you for using my service. With hundreds of new active users this week, M3U Editor now serves almost a million channels!