EPG Support is finally here!

By Frits Polman | 4 years ago

EPG Support has been one of the most requested features last couple of months. Being able to see if an EPG XML file works with the M3U playlist you just created seems to be something a lot of users, including myself, would appreciate.

Today I am proud to anounce that EPG support is now available for anyone on a paid subscription, and creating a matching EPG file for your playlists has never been easier!

Simply start by creating an empty EPG file by the click of a button, give it a title, and connect your existing EPG files to your newly created one. Yes, you can connect multiple EPG files to your new EPG file. That means that your final EPG list will contain all the programmes of your sources, combined. One XML file for your merged playlist which uses different sources.

What is even better, you can also connect your EPG to your M3U playlists within the editor, giving you a great idea on whether or not your M3U-playlist file matches your EPG-XML file.

With EPG support, editing and managing your playlists gets even easier and more fun. Get started right away!