Find and Replace: bulk editing made easy

By Frits Polman | 4 years ago

We have all seen M3U lists with country prefixes or other title standards which are not always appealing to you as a user. Editing the channel titles has been available since the beginning, but going through all channels one by one has made tasks such as prefix-removal pretty unappealing.

That's why today we've launched the new Find and replace feature. Avavilable in what used to be the simple "search" section, the new feature allows you to search for text in titles and replace with another string of text. This also allows for the removal of certain strings of text, by replacing your search query with an empty string.

To prevent unwanted changes from happening, you will first be promted with info on how many channels will be affected. One click of a button later, and your M3U list may be the one you've always wanted.

A big thanks to Terry, who pointed out that this may be a feature users will be very happy with. The new feature is available now to all of our users.

Happy bulk-editing!