New: Import and edit M3U files from upload

By Frits Polman | 4 years ago

With many online M3U playlists served by IPTV providers, has been importing existing playlists from external URLs since the day it became available. However, to meet the needs of all users, our platform now also supports file uploads!

This means that our editor can now also be used not only as a tool to edit existing online playlist, but also as a tool to turn offline M3U files into online hosted playlists!

The upload feature is activated on all accounts and can be used by simply clicking the "Import from M3U" button and then selecting the "Import from file upload" option.

Of course, the option to import M3U files from an external URL is still available and is given to you as the default option when importing an existing M3U file into your playlist.

Happy editing!