New: Protect your edited M3U files by IP address

By Frits Polman | 4 years ago

Your playlist is yours and yours only. Data protection is an aspect which has been kept in mind from the moment the first version of the editor was built.

From the beginning, however, there has been a trade-off between easy access and the level of protection. Being able to personalise the download link of a playlist has been proven to be a much liked feature by our subscribers, but comes with the risk of making the download URL too easy to guess by strangers.

That is why today we proudly present: IP address protection. With this new feature, you can limit the access to your playlist to one or more IP addresses, making it impossible for unauthorised people to access it - even if somehow your download link got guessed.

IP address protection is now available for anyone on our Pro plans, and can be easily applied when creating a new playlist or editing an existing one.

As always, happy (and safe) editing!