Protect your playlist with URL redirects

By Frits Polman | 4 years ago

Our playlist protection features have just been extended with URL redirects. With this new option enabled, the output M3U file does not show the actual stream URLs from your provider, but unique URLs generated by our editor which serve as a redirect to the actual streams.

What would happen if your playlist-data ends up shared on the internet and thousands of people start using your subscription? Right, your provider will invalidate your account.

With our new redirect URL feature enabled, your M3U file no longer contains actual stream URLs but uses obscure URLs instead. These URLs work just as fine in most IPTV players, but carry the advantage of being completely useless as soon as you delete your playlist from our editor or change the download URL. This means you'll stay in complete control overr your M3U file, even after you've sent it to others.

Activating URL redirects is as simple as checking a checkbox when creating a new playlist or editing an existing one, and is available to all our Pro users.

Happy and secure editing, and happy Holidays!