September: a month of growth and updates

By Frits Polman | 4 years ago

What a month it has been. With over a 1100 new users only in September, I am happy to see that a lot of people with the need to edit their M3U playlist online are able to find our editor.

Besides being in contact with many of our active users, development has not stopped. In fact, a lot of updates have been rolled out over the last couple of weeks.

- We've added EPG support, allowing users to connect their EPGs, merge them and use them for their combined playlists. (read more)
- IP protection was added for users who want to be sure they are the only one accessing their M3U playlists. (read more)
- It is now possible to change the order of your channel groups as well.
- The importer which handles your M3U files has been improved. This fixes some unneeded failed imports for certain files.
- Directly import your existing M3U files after creating your first playlist, without having to first click through.
- Duplicate your existing playlists with one click of a button.

With the application being very stable, the "beta" label has disappeared. This however does not mean that the editor has reached its final state. Development is ongoing and based on your feedback it will keep improving.